7 "Sugar Bombs" That Are Hiding In Your Kitchen


7 "Sugar Bombs" That Are Hiding In Your Kitchen

Sometimes living a healthy lifestyle seems impossible. Maybe you bought a fridge full of healthy food and added some more exercise to your routine, but you're still not seeing the results you hoped for.

The problem might be that the "healthy" food in your kitchen isn't all it's cracked up to be. Some foods have a reputation for being good for you, even though they're actually loaded with sugar.

Sugar is one of the worst things  you can fill up on, because it doesn't make you feel full, so you wind up eating more. Plus, a sugary diet can cause bad skin, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even depression. So learn which of your favorite foods are hiding sugar from you.

1. Cereals


We all know that the insanely sweet cereals your kids love to start their days with are full of sugar, but yours is too. Even totally bland looking adult cereals can be loaded with added sugar, so watch out.

2. Pasta Sauce

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This is tricky, because pasta sauces look totally natural, but they can have as much sugar as a candy bar. Try to make ahead and can your own sauce to avoid the extra calories.

3. Yogurt


Another food that seems totally healthy but isn't. The truth is any flavored yogurt or low fat variety uses sugar to add flavor. Remember the trio of healthier choices: Greek yogurt, plain yogurt or "no added sugar" yogurt.

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4. Salad Dressing

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Surprise! Adding too much dressing to a healthy salad can totally ruin your meal with the excess sugar. Remember to pour lightly, or make your own.

5. Bread


After all these years you may still be wondering what the fuss about white bread is, and why those weird-looking ancient grain breads are becoming so popular. Plain old white bread is loaded with sugar. Do yourself a favor and switch to whole grains if you haven't already.

6. Health bars


If you have some protein bars or snack bars in your cupboard right now, go take a look at the label. Shocking right? These "healthy" snacks are really just candy bars with healthy-looking labels. Try some low sugar, homemade alternatives instead.

7. Oatmeal

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Yes, we're sad to say that the easiest food to make for a healthy breakfast isn't as great as you think. Avoid flavored oatmeal, especially brown sugar or maple syrup flavored. To make a more drastic change, switch to cream of wheat or real oatmeal (instead of instant packets).

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