7 Easy Tips For A Disney Trip With Grandparents

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So you're planning a family vacation, are you? That in itself can be stressful, but when you try to accommodate kids, yourselves, AND grandparents, it can start to get a little hectic.

Disney always seems to be the most popular destination for families, but taking different generations can be difficult to plan.

You obviously want to make sure everyone is enjoying their vacation (especially with the money you'll be spending), but it's hard when you have people who have different mobility ranges and interests.

There are a few ways you can make sure having the grandparents along at Disney with you will make for the absolute best vacation!


1. Stay At Disney

Staying on site makes your experience 100 times better. There's no stress about travelling from point A to point B, everything is taken care of, and if someone is done for the day they can head back to the resort. Disney offers a lot of hotel accommodations depending on your price range, so it's an easy way to keep things in one place!

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2. Talk About The Weather

Yep, that's right. Before you leave, make sure everyone involved has a chat about the weather they are most comfortable in. If you're not someone who likes the extreme heat, maybe don't travel in the summer. It's also a good way to start planning on things you'll need to bring to stay cool (water, sandals, hats, etc.)

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3. Do Some Research

Make sure you're aware of attractions that will entice the entire family. While the entire trip doesn't have to be built around "whole family fun," finding things that will entertain the older travelers in your group will ensure no one feels left out or bored.


4. Plan Your Meals

If you're planning on dining out while at the park, make your reservations in advance. If you haven't noticed...Disney is popular. The last thing you want is to be stuck waiting for an hour to get in for dinner. Not only that, but dining at a sit down restaurant instead of pizza, pogos, and french fries gives the family a chance to sit and enjoy each other's company.

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Continue on to see how in-park transit can help you out!

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