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7 Facts About Costco That Even The Most Loyal Shopper Doesn't Know

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Costco is probably one of the most fun places to shop. You get to wander around this super big warehouse and find amazing deals on products you are going to use everyday. There is nothing more satisfying than finding some deep discounts on items you needed to buy anyways.


Getting through Costco can be kind of a huge thing. There are always so many people, and trying to navigate the parking lots can be a bit of a nightmare, but it's worth it if you can go grab some free samples of all the latest snacks.

Costco has been around for a while, and over the years it has become something completely enormous. Even though millions of people shop there, not a lot of people know much about it. Here are 7 interesting facts about Costco that will help you appreciate your shopping experience a little bit more.

They sell 100 million hot dogs a year

That's four times more than what is sold at Major League Baseball games.

The best-selling item is toilet paper

Toilet paper accounts for more than $400 million worth of sales in a year alone. The store is always smart to put it all the way at the back so customers will have to navigate the aisles if they want to get it.

They haven't changed the price of hot dogs in years for a very good reason

Their famous hot dog combo only costs $1.50 because it makes good business sense. Their theory is that the traffic and loyalty earned by the consistent prices will help retain customers. Having these customers return is a better value than a few extra cents on the hot dogs.

You'll be happy to know that hot dogs aren't the only food that's a good value, your favorite wines actually are too...

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