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7 Reasons Anna Nicole Smith Was So Much More Than The World Thought She Was

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A True Monroe Fan

Smith made it no secret that she was a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, and besides their looks, the two of them had an uncanny resemblance between their lives.

Both with humble beginnings, Smith had always aspired to one day be as famous as Monroe, and this followed her throughout her life.

She said she would always bring copies of Monroe films with her wherever she went, and even admitted on Live With Regis and Kathie Lee that she had brought four of them with her to New York for the trip!

Love & Other Drugs

The news of Smith's marriage to J. Howard Marshall hit the media like a bombshell, and it would ultimately be the cause of many of the problems later on in her life. Both her and Marshall said they were marrying for love, and that they were offering each other more than physical attraction and financial stability.

When Marshall died in 1995, Smith was not included in his will. However, she maintained that he had intended to set up a trust for her and her family, and so ultimately ended up suing for half of his $1.6 billion fortune.

For years the legal battle for this money would rage back and forth between Smith and the other heirs, causing her to file for bankruptcy, and end up in rehab following extended drug use to deal with the stress.

A Heart-Broken Death

When Smith gave birth to her daughter, Dannielynn Hope, her son came to see her and his new little sister. Unfortunately, tragedy struck and Daniel died three days later, lying next to her in her hospital bed at 19 years of age.

It was later found that he had succumbed to a drug overdose, and Smith was understandably beyond devastated.

Over the next few weeks she began taking more and more prescription drugs to mask the pain, eventually leading to her own overdose and death.


After her death, there was a brief custody battle due to the question of paternity of Smith's daughter, Dannielynn Hope. Larry Birkwood, her former partner emerged as the father, and has done all he can to ensure she stays healthy, happy, and out of the spotlight.

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