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7 Secret Menu Foods You'll Wish You'd Tried Sooner

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Now we all know what to avoid if we want to make healthy choices when we eat out, but sometimes you've just got to throw the calorie counter out the window and indulge!

Most people don't know that their favorite fast food restaurants have a SECOND menu - one not commonly known to the public. If you want to dial your take-out game up a notch, order one of these secret menu items below!

In-N-Out : Animal Style Fries

If you love their animal-style burger, you'll go ape for this "secret menu" fries option. Ask for an order of fries topped with cheese, secret sauce pickles and grilled onions. You can even order your fries 'well done.'

Animal Style FriesFlickr / Sam Howzit

Chipotle: Quesarito

If you're a fan of overstuffed Mexican-american fare, then you'll love the off-menu Quesarito. Just don't order this delicious quesadilla-burrito hybrid during a lunch rush.

Did you know Burger King has a burger so loaded you eat at your own risk? See it and more on the next page!

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