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7 Foods That Fight Belly Bloat

It's one of the most embarrassing health problems of all, but we all deal with it once in a while. Painful bloating and indigestion, gas and constipation. While these are often the signs of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) they can also be caused by a long list of conditions.

Even if you're not afflicted with IBS - like 1 in 7 Americans - you could have chronic indigestion, a bad reaction to sugar or dairy, or too much bad gut bacteria.

While there are treatments that can help, you can actually find relief by avoiding some food and adding others to your diet.

Note: strong and persistent symptoms could be a sign of something worse, so consult your doctor if they continue.

1. Ginger

Thousands of years of natural medicine can't be wrong. The Chinese have used ginger to treat stomach conditions for a very long time. It will help relax tight stomach muscles to give you relief.

2. Bananas

Make these fruit a part of your healthy breakfast and you'll have all-day relief. They're probiotic, which means they improve your gut bacteria and ease discomfort.

3. Peppermint Tea

We've mentioned that this tea can help you lose weight, but mint can also soothe inflammation in your stomach. If you don't like tea, a spoonful of peppermint oil will also do the trick.

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4. Tomatoes

These versatile fruit are chock full of potassium, which counteracts the bloat caused by salty food. Plus, they contain leptin, which helps your body regulate your weight and metabolism, so you can slim down and calm your tummy at the same time.

If you'd prefer something sweet, we have a great recipe for anti-bloat smoothies, or relaxing herbal teas.

5. Kefir

Have you heard of this? It's a tasty yogurt drink that can break down discomfort-causing sugars in your stomach, plus it actually tastes great.

6. Tumeric

We've shared how tumeric can naturally ease inflammation, but it's not only good for aches and pains. It can also help calm down a rumbling stomach.

7. Kiwi

A study found that IBS sufferers who ate 2 of these tasty fruit every day noticed their symptoms improving. Try a tasty cooler, it's a great way to cool down.

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