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7 Foods You Should Never Put In The Fridge (And 7 You Should)

In the past we've shared the best way to arrange the food in your fridge. It may seem like something silly to concentrate on, but keeping your food in the right place is important for so many reasons. It can make your ingredients last longer, stay fresher, tastier, and save you a lot of money over time. The debate is still raging for some ingredients, but there are others we know you should never put in the fridge.

1. Onions

These vegetables turn soft and moldy when you leave them in the refrigerator, because the moisture affects them badly. Leave them in your pantry until they're chopped and they'll last for months.

2. Tomatoes

You may think you don't like the taste of tomatoes, but you can't be sure until you've had a fresh one. Storing tomatoes in the fridge makes them stop ripening, so they turn flavorless. Leave them on the counter instead.

3. Bread

This is another food people can't seem to agree on, but the fact is a plastic bag will keep a sliced loaf fresh without any help from your fridge. The cold actually makes your bread go stale.

4. Peppers

We've gotten used to putting all our vegetables in the crisper, but these crunchy veggies actually taste better when you leave them in a basket on the counter.

5. Basil and other herbs

Leaving herbs in your fridge will actually make them wilt and absorb the smells inside, changing their flavor. Instead, leave them in a cup of water like cut flowers.

6. Cake

After a party your first instinct is to slide the leftover cake into the fridge, But not so fast! Cake will actually stay freshest in an airtight container in your kitchen. The exceptions are buttercream cakes, ganache cakes and ice cream cakes (obviously).

7. Anything besides food

There are lots of rumors and ubran legends that leaving household objects like batteries or makeup in your fridge will keep them "fresh." Aside from some medicated creams, there's no truth to this.

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Even if you already knew everything on the last page, you're bound to learn something new here. Aside from a few veggies, it's pretty easy to tell what doesn't belong in the fridge. On the other hand, there are some surprising foods you would never even think to keep cold.

1. Red wine

Unlike white wine, reds don't need to be chilled before you serve. But after, you should re-cork and chill your bottle too keep it from getting a vinegar-ey taste. Uncork and let the whine "breathe" at room temperature before serving again.

2. Tortillas

We know what you're thinking: we just told you not to chill your bread on the last page. Well tortillas are a little different. These wraps won't go stale after a few days in the cold, in fact they can last up to a month in your fridge.

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3. Maple Syrup

The regular pancake syrup most people buy can stay in your cupboard, but true maple syrup doesn't contain preservatives, and mold can grow inside your bottle unless it's chilled.

4. Almost anything organic

Nut butters, fresher versions of processed food and anything labeled "organic" needs to be kept cold. They're less likely to contain preservatives, so they should be kept in the fridge to stay fresh.

5. Ripe avocados and bananas

The rule of thumb is any fruit you put in the fridge will stop ripening, so if you leave ripe avocados and bananas in the fridge they won't rot before you have a chance to eat them.

6. Eggs

You might have read that an egg's shell keeps it safe from bacteria, and that's true in most countries. But eggs in America are given an extra wash to keep salmonella off, which peels off an outside layer. That means eggs have to be chilled to keep bacteria out.

7. Ketchup

That's right folks, just read the label. Unless you're using up a whole bottle of this sauce in a month, you should keep it cold. Otherwise bacteria could grow inside the bottle.

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