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7 Ways To Make Your House Smell Great That Won't Give You A Headache

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A good smell is easily one of the most important aspects to maintaining a happy home, and there are literally hundreds of options available for anyone who's trying to freshen their place up.

However, plenty of people (like yours truly) are often very susceptible to headaches, and severe, artificial scents can often trigger some really unpleasant pain in people who are more sensitive to them. Fear not, my friends, for there are plenty of options that even you can use to make sure your place smells wonderful!

Fresh Lavender

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Notice how pretty much every kind of cosmetic product comes in lavender at some point or another? That's because it's a simple, pleasant smell that just about everybody can get behind.

Of course, like with most scented things, fresh is always better, so head to your local market and see if you can find some bundles of the good stuff that you can place around your house and keep it smelling great!

Citrus Peels

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Tired of your garbage disposal smelling up the place? While you can always treat that with chemicals (but who wants to do that), peel yourself an orange or grind up the rind of a lemon, and use that to mask the smell. Citrus is so, SO much better than garbage in terms of smells.

Essential Oil Diffusers


This obviously requires a bit more spending than some of the other entries on this list, but it has the benefit of giving you lots of options. Natural oils exist in all sorts of scents (I'm personally partial to grapefruit oil myself), and they last a heck of a long time, making them a great choice to get your house smelling great. Be warned though, diffused oils can be dangerous to pets, so be sure to do your research before exposing your furbabies to something toxic.

Keep reading for more simple solutions that won't split your head...

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