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7 Haircuts For Women Over 50 That Are Always Stunning

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Sometimes in life you need to spice things up a little. If tattoos, big purchases, or random flings aren't up your alley, why not try a new haircut?

I get it, new haircuts can be intimidating. "Hair grows back!" Well yes, but not immediately. What if I hate my hair THE NEXT DAY? ✂😮

Don't worry. We've got some sure-fire haircuts that are guaranteed to look good on anyone!

The Long Bob

A manageable, stylish cut that is both professional and fun, long bobs look good on basically everyone. This cut is ideal for people who want an age-appropriate haircut without losing all the length.

Plus, it requires almost zero upkeep!


Bangs are a modern way to show youthfulness. They can be flirty and fun, or pinned up if it's time to get down to business. A full bang across your face or a side bang are both great options!

If you're someone who wants a low-maintenance hairstyle though, bangs may not be for you. They will require styling every morning plus a trim every few weeks. They're worth the effort, no doubt, but someone who is constantly on the go might want to avoid them.

Pixie Cut

Super manageable, easy to maintain, and a rocker-chic look, pixie cuts are all the rage right now. They allow a sense of playfulness without having to go too drastic, and the upkeep is minimal.

Pixie cuts also grow out really nicely, so you don't have to worry about those awkward phases where your hair looks strange while it's in transition. This cut is also super simple to style. You can style with pomade for a sleek look on glamorous occasions or try something a little looser that still holds some shape for everyday.

A-Line With Highlights

This one required a little more upkeep but allows you to play with different colors and shades! Adding color to your hair is a great way to feel younger and show off your adventurous side. The best part? If you don't like the colors, you can change them!

The cut itself will frame your face perfectly and make you feel like Wonder Woman as you run around town getting things done.

Tight Curls

Let your curls shine! They're totally in right now. Tight curls often have a relaxed feel to them, because they seem so natural.

If you're lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, a simple application of product every morning will give you the hairstyle you've always wanted.

If you don't have natural curls, a perm is always an option. Just make sure you outline very clearly to your hairdresser the style you want so you don't end up dating your style back to the 80s!

Boho Waves

Keeping a bit of length can be a great option, and the waves are a modern twist instead of pin-straight hair. Plus, you can sleep on the waves and they won't get ruined!

The best part about waves is how they fair in the humidity. Curls can start to poof and frizz, but waves already have a "loose" look to them, so the humidity won't affect your style.

Short Curls

This cut frames your face beautifully and screams fun! You'll want to make sure the ringlets are loose and large, because tight curls up against your face can not only age you, but also frame your face in an unflattering way.

Ultimately, your hairstyle is up to you. Do whatever makes you most comfortable and works well with your daily life. That being said, it's important to remember that you shouldn't feel confined to any style based on your age! The older you get, the more you deserve to do what makes YOU happy, not what everyone else tells you to do.

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