7 Inventions From 2017 That Ended Up Going Viral

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We are about to leave 2017 in the dust, and as we move on towards 2018, it is kind of fun to look back at what 2017 ended up bringing us, specifically in new, modern inventions. There were some truly ingenuity driven things created, but there were also some things that just leave you shaking your head saying "where the hell did these people come up with these ideas, and why do we need something like this?" Either way, we will let you be the judge.

1. F. Lashes

I am going to file this one under the "what the hell" category. These electronic eye lashes change tempo and color based on the movements of your body. Seriously, sometimes I can't help but wonder if we are just taking more and more steps towards living through the hunger games, or at least their fashion choices.

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2. Ta-Ta Towels

As a man I have never had a need for something like this, but based off of talking to the women in my life, this is apparently up there with sliced bread. I heard the words comfy and relaxing used more than once, and when compared to a standard bra, apparently there is no comparison, the Ta-Ta Towel found its niche and filled a big need.  


3. The Romphim

Sometimes I just don't think I know enough about fashion to comment on the choices that other people are making with what they wear. But when I saw these garments hit the mainstream market, I felt self-assured enough to say that these are just terrible. Honestly, who wears one of these? I feel like it was a joke or a prank that ended up taking on a life of its own.

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Some of these just get stranger as your continue down the list.

4. The Neck Hammock

Okay, here is something that I can get down with 100 per cent. As someone who struggles to get comfortable when lying down, and who routinely deals with back and neck pain, I really want to get myself one of these to see if they actually work. Either way, it appears that they at least help some people, and they get an A+ from me for ingenuity.

5. Brielmaier Lawn Mower

For anyone who has ever had to cut grass on a hill or on a terrible angle, this thing is going to make your life a lot easier. This is a lawn mower on steroids, and it gets the job done without any undue side effects. Not only does it make cutting grass easier, but it makes cutting grass in dangerous situations a lot safer.  


6. Brilliantpad

Dog owners everywhere rejoice. Someone has managed to invent a self-cleaning pet bathroom station. No longer will you be required to clean poop and pee out of the carpet, or scrub it off the hardwood, or even deal with those nasty puppy pads that really don't do all that much. On the negative side of things, this might encourage dog owners to be a lot lazier about making sure their animals make it outside to do their business.

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7. Frog Fitness

I am not really sure what to make of this one. Sure, I am all for being physically active and taking care of your personal fitness, but do we really need to take it to these levels? It's a cool concept and if it helps get people active, all the power to it, but what happened to going out of a run, or skipping rope or even lifting weights?

What do you think of these inventions to come out of 2017? Let us know if you have tried any of them in the comments.