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7 Life-Size Board Games That Will Bring Out Your Inner Kid

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If you grew up with checkered tiles in your kitchen you probably played a giant version of checkers on the floor at least once. There's just something irresistible about taking your favorite board game out of the box and into the real world with a fun, life-sized take on the game.

These grown-ups showed that you're only as young as you feel when they transformed the world into some classic board games. See if your childhood favorite got a giant version but remember: some assembly may be required!

1. Jenga

It's not like this tricky game wasn't challenging enough! Imagine pulling wooden blocks out of the tower when the whole thing could fall and crush you. That will definitely add some excitement to family game night!

For a slightly smaller challenge, you can make your own backyard Jenga set.

2. Operation

The cast of the Today show test their skills on the giant version of Cavity Sam.Today

It would probably be easier to get your medical degree than to pull the broken heart out of this human-sized Operation board. Lots of party companies will actually rent out this huge board game, but you might stress out your friends if you force them to play it.

3. Monopoly

The very talented Chalk Twins got creative for McDonald's Monopoly's 20th anniversary, drawing the classic game along the sidewalk. They even included player markers and giant dice. Don't forget to pick up your "get out of jail free" card!

4. Chess

Henri-Pierre Picou "Jeu d'echecs Indien"Wikimedia

As long as chess and checkers have existed, people have loved to play the game on a life-sized board with real people standing in for the pieces.

The human chess game at Marostica.Atlas Obscura / Bob Connelly

The city of Marostica, Italy even holds a special costumed chess game every two years, with kings, queens and knights with horses squaring off against each other.

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