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7 Natural And Easy Ways To Deodorize Your Home

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No matter how hard we try to avoid it, our houses occasionally have a bit of a funky smell to them that we can't kick. Our usual option is to light a candle or spray air fresheners. Neither of these are good fixes because candles never last and air fresheners do not smell natural at all, they smell like you are trying to cover something up. Here's seven ways to have your house smelling naturally amazing again!

1. Use your stove

Boiling certain ingredients on your stove is the perfect way for a quick good smell throughout your home. This is perfect if you have company coming over and you need a quick fix. You can use pretty much anything in your cupboards for this. For example, put apple slices and cinnamon, in a pot of water and let it boil for 5-10 minutes. The scent will fill your house and smell like you just baked an apple pie. Like I said, this can be done with any ingredients so it is an easy and quick fix.

2. Plants

Certain houseplants are known to clean the air, and they may help to control odors in the house as well. These plants include, Snake plants, English ivy, Lady palms, and Dracaena. With this fix, you do have to purchase the plants, but once you have them it's a semi-permanent fix, and is also a decoration piece.

3. Dryer sheets

Take your dryer sheets outside of the laundry room and discreetly place them in areas of your house that tend to smell. They will absorb the bad odor and release a fresh smell. These aren't the nicest decor to have laying around so ensure you place them so company can't see them.


4. Remove odor source

Even if there isn't anything obvious that could be smelling up the house, clean things that could be carrying a lingering smell. This could include nearby dirty laundry, or the garbage bin.

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