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7 True Stories Of People Who Have Died And Lived To Tell About It

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Most of us have opinions about what happens after death. Maybe you believe that death is the end and nothing happens after. Or perhaps you think death is just the beginning of a new life.

No matter what you think, death is a mysterious barrier nobody crosses and returns from. Or do they? Some people have been pronounced dead by doctors and mysteriously returned to life with no medical explanation. When the dead become the living again, they often come back with vivid memories of what happened while they were "gone."

What happened to them when they crossed over? Read their stories below:

Life After Suicide

In January 1991, Angie Fenimore committed suicide. The first thing she remembers is hearing a humming noise that got louder and louder. Angie said the whole "life flashes before your eyes" thing is real. She saw every event in her life happen and experienced it "from all points of view and all points of understanding." Angie said: "I knew exactly how each person felt who had ever interacted with me."

She was transported to a place of darkness where there were a lot of people standing with no expressions. Angie knew instinctively those were other people who'd committed suicide like she did. None of the people would talk to her. They were too miserable and empty. She describes this "purgatory" as the most isolated feeling she'd ever experienced.

A great light appeared and a voice asked: "Is this what you really want? Don't you know that this is the worst thing you could have done?"

Angie experienced what she says is the "love of God" as she saw what her suicide would do to her family. She decided she wanted to live, and woke up on her couch.

There And Back Again

In her book Glimpsing Heaven, journalist Judy Bachrach told the story of Tony Cicoria, a neurosurgeon from New York. While on a family picnic, he go on the phone with his mother. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the phone next to his ear.

Tony said he knew he had died because he saw his mother-in-law screaming at him, but she couldn't hear him scream back at her.

Unconstrained by the laws of physics, Tony floated up steps, flew through buildings, and went through walls. At one point, he "saw his little kids getting their faces painted." It was then he felt a pressure on his chest, and he came back to life. He was disappointed though, because he wanted to stay dead.

A Hellish Place


Matthew Botsford was struck with an errant bullet when two angry customers began firing their guns at the exterior of an Atlantic restaurant. As the bullet entered his head, Botsford describes the pain as a "hot hypodermic needle" through your head.

During the 27 days he was in a coma, he remembers terrible things. He says he felt a loneliness like none felt on earth and being chained above a pit full of hot lava. Creatures came to torment him and remind him of his past mistakes.

Finally, he saw a huge hand come towards him. "It dropped this great white light, and I heard the most magnificent music, angelic choir; I love music but it was nothing like I heard before," Botsford said.

He heard a voice say: "It's not your time," and he woke up.

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