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7 Simple But Amazing Ways To Organize Your Laundry Room

If your house is anything like mine, "laundry" is a 4-letter word. There's just something that sets this chore apart from all the others, making it at least 10 times more aggravating and stressful than any other job around your house. Part of this probably has to do with how cluttered your laundry room is - I'm not saying your home is messy, it just so happens that the laundry room tends to be the least organized place in any house.

Well not anymore! These 7 simple solutions to laundry room clutter will make the weekly wash a breeze, and you'll almost look forward to folding, drying and ironing every week. Almost.

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1. Add bracket shelves to the wall

The simplest way to give yourself more space in the laundry room (without building an extension) is adding another surface to the room. Whether your shelves are a place to stack and store, or a workstation for folding, everyone can find a use for these handy and cheap creations. All it takes are some brackets from the hardware store and a bit of wood. Just follow these helpful instructions.

2. The rolling basket dresser

This easy weekend project is a lot like those metal IKEA drawer cabinets, but up-sized for a family of 5. Don't settle for stacking hampers of messy clothes when you can create this life-saver on wheels with a little plywood.

3. Use a door rack

Adding a hanging rack onto your door is like instantly conjuring a floor-to-ceiling shelf out of thin air. My Sweet Savannah gave hers a chalkboard back, so you can label, erase and re-organize to your heart's content.

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4. Add a fold-up drying rack...

This project is a little more complicated than some of the others on this list, but the results speak for themselves. Drying out shirts is a breeze with a collapsible rack, and a touch of paint makes it both functional and stylish.

5. ...or add some towel bars

IKEA makes both regular towel racks and a special swinging bar rack that can move freely on one joint. While these are nice for the bathroom, a set of them in your laundry-room is a space-saving way to dry all your clothes at once. It doesn't look very nice, but once the door is closed who will notice?

6. Build a washer and dryer pedestal

Aha! See what happens when you think outside the box? Instead of adding shelves on top of your washer and dryer that you'll end up bumping your head into, build a platform beneath them to store and sort clothes.

7. Use slide-out storage towers

You probably have a crack somewhere in your laundry room that winds up full of dropped clothes, spilled detergent and lost socks. Turn that waste of space into something useful by sliding in one of these nifty storage towers. You can buy them, or build your own pretty easily.

If you're up for a real challenge, an old set of shelves can be transformed into one sliding cabinet.

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