7 Strange Foods You Can Purchase At Walmart Right Now

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Walmart is hands-down one of the best places to shop at if you're looking to find a good deal on everyday products. However, the store has been notorious for attracting strange people and apparently strange products too. Some, like the Candwich (yes, sandwich in a can) have existed for a limited-time only, while others have stayed on.

Here are 7 strange food products that you can buy at the discount retailer right now.

1. Seafood Snackers

If you prefer your crab meat on the go, these crab-flavored sticks are just the right snack for you.

2. Canned Fried Apples

No, this isn't pie filling. It's sliced apples fried in butter and cinnamon in a can.

3.The Perfect Bacon Bowl

Eating strips of bacon is too old school, get in with the times and serve everything in a perfect microwavable bacon bowl instead.

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