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7 Adoption Moments That Prove You Can Choose Your Family

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Courtney Gilmour

The act of adoption is a beautiful thing. It is a wonderful alternative to conceiving your own biological children or a way to make it official when a loving stepparent enters a child's life.

In honor of National Adoption Day on Nov. 18, here are 7 heartwarming videos that'll prove it only takes love to be a parent, not DNA.

1. A Surprise Adoption

Lacey and Banks Farris had been struggling for years to start a family. With a late miscarriage, infertility, and a failed adoption, the couple was weary to share the news they were in the process of adopting again.

However their fears of another false start were for naught when they were finally able to bring home their newborn daughter, Finley. In an effort to keep the joyous occasion captured forever, Lacey and Banks videotaped their family's reactions when they announced the addition to the Farris clan.

"The reveal was incredible," Lacey said. "For Finley to grow up and see how happy everyone was to see her - it meant everything."

2. An 11-Year-Old's Wish Come True

An 11-year-old Utah girl waited two years in hopes of her foster parents becoming her forever family.  When the office manager at Tannah Butterfield's school told her the life-changing news, she became overcome with emotions.

To make the occasion even more heartwarming, Tannah's foster mom, Jennifer Fisher also adopted her two younger sisters, 6-year-old Teagun, and 2-year-old Tallie.

"My heart was so happy," she said. "It was like, ahhh. It was like, screaming."

3. The Best Father's Day Present

After 17 years, a young lady decided to make her relationship with her stepdad official when she surprised him with adoption papers on Father's Day.

26-year-old Lindsey met her stepfather Mark when he arrived at her front door to take her mother on a date. Without hesitation, Mark quickly became the doting father-figure to Lindsey.

When Lindsey wrapped the adoption papers in a pink box on Father's Day, she was surprised with Mark's overwhelming response.

"My stepdad is a tough construction worker and I've never seen him cry this hard. It was such a special moment and I'm glad it was caught on camera," Lindsey said.

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