7 Ways Grocery Stores Trick You Into Wasting Money

Every week when you head into your local grocery store armed with a shopping cart and a list, you have just one goal: don't waste any money!

But no matter what you do, your cart always seems to fill up with junk food and other things you don't need. So what went wrong?

If you're already following our tips to cut your grocery bill in half, you might have been fooled by your store. All the major chains use some very sneaky tricks to make you spend more. If you learn to spot these 7 common tricks, it could help save your family some money.

First, beware of sales. While you can find some great bargains every week, most stores use their sales to advertise regular-priced items.

They know that you're on the lookout for those red discount tags, and checking the end of the aisle to see what's on display, so make sure you're actually getting a good deal.

Even if a price is really good, make sure you actually need that item. Maybe tomatoes are half price, but if you have a crisper of tomatoes waiting at home there's no point in buying more.

You should also be aware of how your grocery store's layout is designed to fool you.

You probably already know that the milk is kept across the store from the bread. This trick is meant to make you buy more food as you cross the store, so focus on your destination and stick to your list.

Also, look for foods on the left side of each display. They're usually cheaper, because stores know people usually start browsing from the right side.

Stores will also line up the most alluring foods right at your child's eye-level, so avoid bringing them into the store as much as possible. If they throw a tantrum, you're bound to buy whatever they ask for.

Lastly, look out for eye-catching produce displays meant to make fruits and veggies seem "fresh." These usually aren't any better than the kind in bags or bundles, so shop based on price and price alone.

Now head to the checkout, but don't grab a candy bar on the way out! "Impulse items" sell because people want to reward themselves for finishing their shopping.

Instead, let the money you saved be your reward.

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