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7 Ways That Your Fingernail Shape Can Tell You A Lot About Who You Are


Fingernails, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. How you choose to grow them and adorn them can say a lot about your personality.

Take a look down at your fingers and then find your shape in the images below. You might find that you have a few different shapes, that just means you've got a few more dominant personality traits than the average person!

1. Square


You are ultra chill. While you're not afraid to get sparkly, you tend to lean towards the side of practical comfort.

You love the look of a simple black t-shirt and you'd probably pick a pair of dark denim jeans over a frilly dress. Your Friday nights typically consist of Netflix and takeout.

Your shape's perfect shade: Just because you're a minimalist, doesn't mean you have to be boring. Add a bit of glitter to a basic black and white manicure or get glittery with a little gem.

2. Rounded


Your style in one word: Classic.

You probably have a few favorite staples that you rotate throughout the week. You feel like a million bucks in a tailored suit and if you had a style icon, it's likely the effortlessly stylish Audrey Hepburn.

Your shape's perfect shade: A timeless French manicure goes beautifully with everything and requires minimal effort to maintain - perfect!

Whether you're ultra glam or classic, one look at your hands can tell the casual observer a lot about who you are underneath!

Your nail length and style will depend a lot on what you do for work, your active lifestyle and your own, unique approach to life.

If you have shorter nails, you're probably a no-fuss-no-muss type of person who prefers to work or create things with their hands.

If you have longer nails, you're more likely to take your time to get things just right. You might be a perfectionist who carefully selects every detail of their wardrobe before hitting the town.

3. Squared Oval


The most common personality type with his nail shape can be described as balanced. Middle of the road, these people have mastered the art of moderation.

If you aren't already doing it daily, you've probably dabbled in meditation and/or have a spiritual practice that grounds you.

Your shape's perfect shade: Pretty pastels in complementary colors with soothing geometric shapes.

4. Oval

One word: Sophisticated.

Just like your perfectly manicured nails, not a hair is out of place and your makeup is always on point. You love socializing and you can handle awkward situations with ease.

Your shape's perfect shade: Pretty patterns with coordinating colors.

5. Almond

You are always willing to try something new - once you've checked out all the angles. You're adventurous with a side of well-placed caution.

Going for a 5 mile hike in the mountains? You're the one with the fully loaded first aid kit - just in case!

Your shape's perfect shade: Matte polish with juicy jewel tones or effortless earth shades.

6. Coffin


You're the epitome of confidence. You're a fearless purveyor of all things edgy fashion and experimental.

If you haven't already done it, you've seriously thought about dying your hair that fabulous auburn/plumb color. You've also probably got a piercing in something other than your ears. You have at least one awesome leather jacket that is both functional and fabulous.

Your shape's perfect shade: Glittery galactic gels and metallic.

7.  Stiletto


You do you. As an innovative beauty, your nails are a natural extension of your glam personality. You love fashion, anything trending and, obviously, a great pair of heels.

There isn't anything you wouldn't try, but you tend to lean towards anything that glitters as bright as you!

[h/t  In Style ]

Your shape's perfect shade: A little bit of anything and everything that says luxury.