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7 Ways Your're Ruining Your Skin Without Realizing It

These days it seems like everyone is obsessed with having perfect, clean skin, and they have good reason to be!

Your face is the first impression you give the world, and nobody likes making a pimply, greasy first impression.

Even if you buy face creams and cleansing masks, you may be oblivious to the everyday habits that are ruining your skin. Instead of buying that $40 bottle of lotion, read this list and learn the ways you're sabotaging your skin.

1. Drinking too much coffee

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It can seem like anything we drink besides water gets blamed for causing breakouts, but there's real science behind this. Coffee's acidity upsets your hormone balance, stressing your skin out and making it oily so you break out more easily.

2. Using your cell phone

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This is one of the dirtiest objects we own, even rivaling our toilets. We have them in our hands 24/7 and never clean them, making our hands totally gross. Keep your phone case clean and your skin will thank you!

3. Showering too much


Oily skin is bad, but at the same time your skin needs protective oils to stay healthy. Washing too often or with really hot water wipes away that layer of protection.

4. Using dirty towels


Our towels put up we a lot of abuse: we wipe our dirt, sweat and all of our beauty products onto them. If you don't clean yours regularly it will only make your skin dirty.

5. Using too much product

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It can be so relaxing to rub some exfoliating cream on your skin, but do it too often and you won't see those TV ad results you're hoping for. Use a scrub once a week at most and remember to be gentle or you can damage your skin!

6. Eating junk food

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We know, this list doesn't sound very fun anymore, but good skin takes sacrifice! Save money on skin cream and groceries by cutting out greasy, sugary foods.

7. Sleeping on dirty sheets and pillows


Our beds are the most comfortable place in our homes, but it's not a very welcoming environment for our skin. If you go weeks without washing them, your sheets will soak up enough dirt, oil and sweat to cause a breakout. The same goes for your pillowcases!

Share this list so everyone can clean, healthy skin!

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