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How Barking Can Help You Find Your Keys, And 6 Other Weird Memory Tips

Robert Szadkowski

Do you ever find you're so forgetful that you can't even remember all the things you've forgotten? So do I, at least I think I do.

Improving your memory is tough, because it's not like there's an easy way to train it. And while there are old tips like tying a string around your finger, they're not so reliable. You're more likely to just forget what the string was for in the first place.

Behavior expert Jez Rose.Creative Life Show

Jez Rose knows these problems all too well. He's an author and self-proclaimed behavior expert who teaches people to "trick" their brains into working better. He's shared some of his best memory tips, and hopefully they'll help you track down those missing car keys.

Rose's best advice is to leave a "memory marker" when you set something important down, so you'll always know where to find it.

"The truth is, we all know where our lost items are, we just don't know how to access the information in our brains, and this is a skill that can be taught," he explains. So, with that in mind.

1. Bark when you put something important down


Or snap your fingers, or whistle, the key is to leave a memory for yourself that will "trigger" in your brain when something goes missing.

2. Sit down and think

Rose says that no one thinks best while they're pacing the room, so take a seat and relax. The answer will come to you faster if you do.

3. Enjoy a snack

Ever notice that after your first sip of coffee, you remember something you've forgotten to do? That's no coincidence. The treats help you relax, which gets your mind working faster.

4. Ask a kid for help

Rose has studied the science behind memory puzzles, and says that children have often proven better at thinking through lost object problems than adults.

Crafting a Greener World

For men, asking a woman for help is a good idea as well, because they usually find missing items faster than we do.

5. Put on classical music

The idea behind this tip is that "relaxing" classical music will help jog your memory, but it might just annoy you so much that you'll find the object to make the music stop.

6. Meditate

Once again, getting yourself in the right frame of mind (and re-centering your chakra) will lead you towards the solution to your problems.

7. Doodle

Draw with Jazza

Keeping yourself occupied with an action like drawing on a blank sheet of paper will leave your unconscious mind to wander. Hopefully, before you can sketch out the Mona Lisa, the answer will strike you.

As you can tell, most of these these tips have one thing in common. Rose reminds you not to stress, because if you get "swept up by the emotion" of losing something the stress will only make things worse.

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