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78-year-old Grandma Proves You're Never Too Old To Enjoy A Snow Day

Remember when you were a kid and were so excited to go out and jump in the snow? You weren't bothered by the annoyance of cleaning off your car or clearing your walkway, you only saw it for what it was- fun!

We can all remember diving into the freshly fallen snow, arms and legs splayed as we created one of the best winter treats, a snow angel!

An Idaho grandmother had never made a snow angel before, and she really wanted to. The fact that she was 78-years-old, had difficulty walking and couldn't see well, didn't stop her.

With the help of some family, the elderly woman got to live out her dream, and the video was priceless.

Taking her by the hand, her sons lead their mom out to the untouched snow, while her grandson, Chris Howerton, captured the moment.

“My grandma loves the snow here in Idaho but can’t walk well anymore and can’t see well at all but she still wanted to go out and make a snow angel. So my uncles helped her out. She was so excited!" Howerton wrote on the video he posted to YouTube.

As her son lowered her down into the snow, they could hear the laughter break out.

“Bend your knees, mom,” instructed one of the boys.

That's when she bent her knees and leaned on his chest as she met the snow.

“I haven’t played in the snow in a long time,” Grandma said. “That is a good angel.”

With the smile on her face, I am sure that it will be an experience the family will never forget.

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