8 Ridiculous Christmas Gifts You Can Guarantee They Won't Get From Anyone Else

The Christmas season is a time for giving as opposed to receiving, and it really is the thought that counts. If you find yourself struggling to figure out what to get that one special person on your list, stop overthinking and just have some fun with it.

Gifts don't have to be something that the recipient can use on the regular, they can be fun and kind of quirky as well. In that spirit, I give you 8 awesome yet ridiculous Christmas presents that will bring a smile to everyone in the room.

1. Men's Satin Smoking Jacket

Okay, on the face value of this, who in God's name is actually going to wear it? I am sure some people will, but it is something that the person you bought it for will keep and have if the occasion ever arises that they need a satin smoking jacket. Worst case scenario they have a great fallback for Halloween. Buy one here.

2. Bigfoot Salad Tongs

Healthy eating can turn out to be bland and boring. Do you know what will spice up any salad you are serving for dinner? Bigfoot salad tongs! I am not joking, if I saw these on someone's kitchen table I would be asking where they got them. Sure, they aren't practical, but they are certainly awesome on so many levels. Buy someone a set here.

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3. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

This is for that friend on your Christmas list that is perpetually single, and possibly has one cat too many living in their home. It might come off a little passive-aggressive, but most people already know if they are the "crazy cat lady" or not. Plus, this is just freaking hilarious. Check it out here.

Archie McPhee

4. Toilet Golf

We all have that one friend who spends way too much time in the bathroom. I mean really, what are they doing in there for 35 minutes? If you want to know the answer to that question, get them their own toilet golf game. Then they can do something other than play on their phone, and work on their golf game at the same time. Flush away your money here.

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5. Sterling Silver Ball of Yarn

I have no idea whose idea this was, but apparently you can get someone special a ball of yarn made out of sterling silver. Tiffany & Co. offer such a product if you wish to get someone something that few other people would actually own. Kind of strange and unique, but beware, it is going to cost you some serious coin.


6. Acorn Soap on a Rope

Yup, there is a little cliche and innuendo going on here. I won't go into to many details, but for that person on your list that needs a "gag" gift, this is definitely the one you should be getting them. Order one of these here.

7. Spider Catcher

Tired of being called into take care of the those dreaded eight legged freaks? It's time to let someone else deal with their own fears with this spider catcher. Free yourself from this burden with one fell swoop. Order here.


8. Adult Onesies

Nostalgia in its highest form. We loved wearing these as kids, and now they are making a comeback. These are perfect for staying warm on those frigid winter nights. Stay warm here.

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