8 Great Sensory Toys For Kids With Autism This Christmas

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If you have a child on the autism spectrum, or if you know someone who does, you likely have a good understanding on how hard it is to get them something that will be both fun to play with, yet won't set them off emotionally. That's where "sensory toys" come into play. These types of toys aim to engage a child's senses do wonders for them as they grow.

As a father to two autistic girls, I can say without a doubt that sensory toys do help autistic children. Here are 8 "sensory toys" that are sure to keep the child entertained and engaged.

1. Tunnels of Fun

Not only are these tunnels fun for any kid to crawl through and play in, but they also offer children a place to hide out if the holiday festivities become too much for them to handle emotionally. You can order one here.


2. Squigz Starter Set

These colorful suction-cup toys are great because they encourage creativity and help the child work on their fine motor skills. Not only that, but the soft rubber that they are made of won't damage anything if they become projectile weapons, and they are dishwasher safe which will make the job of keeping them clean a hell of a lot easier. Pick one up for the child on your list here.

3. Simon Air Game

This is and old-school 80s game that can be repurposed as a sensory toy for children with autism. It has visual and auditory stimulation and also helps them refine their fine motor skills. Plus, it's something fun that you can do with them. Order on here.


4. Body Sox

I didn't know this until I started learning about kids with autism, but pressure helps kids deal with anxiety, and makes them noticeably calmer. This one is always worth a laugh, plus they feel better when zipped up on one of these. Buy yours today.

Keep reading for more great sensory toy ideas.

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