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8 Homemade Decorations For You To Deck The Halls With This Christmas

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Rustic Decor

Don't want to go all out on a tree this year? That makes sense, but if you still wanted to bring the natural world inside then tree branches are a nice compromise!

Try keeping it festive with pine cones, evergreen branches with the needles still on, and placing them in vases or hanging them with some ribbon on doors and shelves!

Coffee Filter Garland

The absolute beauty of this project is how easy it is to really make something extraordinary. Just buy a load of filters, string, and some watercolor paints and pick your favorite colors!

They really create a flowery effect that may not be exactly like regular garland, but just look how pretty it looks over the mantle-piece!

Honeycomb Wreath

Another really simple craft to make is a twist on the front door wreath. Instead of wrestling with fallen branches, find yourself many different sizes of tubes and fill them with your own bells, berries, and other holiday knick-knacks!

Remember to use a strong glue, not just to attach the tubes together, but to make sure the items inside are not knocked about when you open the door for all those carolers!

Pine Cone Ornaments

Another great way to use these crafty little items is to stick them right back onto the tree! Not without some artistic license of course!

You can do so much with these; coat them in white paint, add red and green stripes, dust them in glitter, stick on colorful pom-poms, the list is endless!

After that, grab some string and either tie it or glue it to the bottom, it will hang on your tree the whole season and make you feel like you are walking around in a Christmas-themed forest!

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