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8 "River Monsters" That Will Keep You Out Of Water For The Rest Of Your Life

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Who doesn't love the show River Monsters, hosted by biologist and master angler Jeremy Wade? Wade travels the world following rumors of killer "river monsters." Essentially if there are rumors or legends of people being killed by what lurks below the water, Wade heads out to fish the area hoping to reel in a potential killer.

If you grew up thinking that sharks were the most dangerous things to haunt the waters of the world, these fresh water creatures put them to shame.

1. Goliath Tiger Fish

This fish may be a relative of the piranha family, but that is where the comparisons end. It took Wade a quarter-century to land this massive predatory fish in the Congo River of Central Africa. The fish gets its name because of its massive, razor sharp teeth. It can cut through flesh and bone like a hot knife through butter, and they have been known to attack humans.

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2. Payara - The Vampire Fish

Wade managed to catch one of these creepy monsters from the fresh waters of South Africa. It has two massive fangs in its bottom jaw, these teeth can grow to between 4-6 inches. The fish itself can grow up to three feet long. Not something you want swimming around your feet while you're out for a dip.


3. Wolf Fish

The unexplored waters of South America, with their dark murky water can be terrifying for the average person, even if they don't have their body in the water. Wade was night-fishing for wolf fish when he caught a massive one under a waterfall. These are aggressive predatory fish that grow up to nearly 4 feet in length and weigh over 90 pounds. They have been reported to attack humans.  


4. Amazon Stingray

Wade was drawn to the Colombian part of the Amazon River when he heard a story about a bride that had died on her honeymoon. Rumor was the woman was killed when a stingray impaled her and dragged her to the bottom of the river. When he managed to catch a massive example of the Amazon Stingray, there was not doubt in his mind that a stingray could be responsible, "This young woman didn't stand a chance."

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