8 People Who Escaped Death Just To Die Shortly After

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Have you ever had a near death experience? Some people do go on to live long uneventful lives because they choose to be careful with the time they have left to them, and then some people are just wildly unlucky.

These 8 people managed to escape the reaper only to die shortly after.

1. The Daredevil taken down by an orange peel.

Booby Leach was a professional daredevil. Some of the things that he chose to try over the course of his life are absolutely insane. He is one of the few to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. When he was out on a tour, he slipped on an orange peel, badly hurting his leg. Leach was diagnosed with gangrene and doctors had to amputate his leg. Regardless, Leach died from complications two months later.


2. Marcus Garvey dies after reading his own fake obituary.

Sure, this major player in the black nationalist movement and Jamaican politician didn't escape a near death situation, but his death is nonetheless strange enough to make it onto this list. Someone had put a very negative obituary about Mr. Garvey in the Chicago Defender. When he read his own obit he got so angry that he suffered back-to-back strokes. His death hoax actually ended up killing him.

3. "Bud" Warren and Phyllis Ridings

This father and daughter team had a passion for planes, and they loved to fly together. Together they survived an emergency (crash) landing in a field, one that should have taken their lives. Crashing once didn't stop them from continuing to fly. Four years after their first crash, their plane malfunctioned causing the cockpit to fill with smoke. They died in the subsequent crash.

Daily Mail

4. This one changed legislation

Six-year-old Abigail Taylor damaged her organs when she sat down on a wading pool drainer. The suction caused massive damage, but Abigail survived. Nine months later, in a surgery intended to transplant some of the organs that had been badly damaged, she passed away during surgery. Her death caused widespread anger, forcing legislators to write new laws to make sure this type of thing didn't happen again.

Wikimedia Commons
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