8 Real Life Ghost Stories That Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On

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Let me be the first to say I am skeptical about the supernatural. Though as I get older (oddly enough) it seems to be more and more likely.

As I read stories about other people's interactions and experiences with the paranormal realm, I start to realize there are absolutely things living among us that cannot be explained.

These are some of the stories that really sent me for a loop. I like to think of myself as a logical thinker with a good grasp on reality, but these stories had me dousing my house in salt to keep the demons out!


1. The Rocking Horse

One night, when I was maybe 10-12, I had trouble falling asleep. My bedroom was the entire top floor of our house with my bed and such being on the left side and storage closets and a play area being on the right. I was lying in bed when I heard a noise from the other side of the room and see a rocking horse begin to rock. It was sitting just outside one of the storage closet doors. It proceeded to rock its way halfway across the room and stopped dead under the ceiling light. At this point I was freaking out and just buried my head under my blankets and never peeked out again until morning.

It was all confirmed to not be a dream as the rocking horse was still in the middle of my room when I woke up. Furthermore, I got a stern reprimand from my parents for being up out of bed playing with my toys well past my bedtime. Their bedroom was directly below the storage closet/play area and had heard the creaking of the rocking horse shuffling across the room.

(h/t HuffPo)

Haunted Houses

2. Ghost Puppy

My husband's family have always told me about their house being haunted. I have never ever once believed any of it and just wrote it off as them being superstitious. Well, a few months back, me, my husband, and my daughter spent the night at my in-laws'. I slept in my sister-in-law's room with my daughter, and my husband and his sister ended up crashing in the living room after staying up watching TV.

Late at night I heard the door open and heard little puppy feet walking in and around the room. I felt my sister-in-law's puppy tug at the blanket and heard it scratch the bed trying to jump up. I pulled the blanket away and heard him leave. I then texted my husband to come and take the dog outside because I didn't want it to jump on the bed and get scared or have my daughter be scared.

I heard my husband walk back and forth down the hallway and then outside. He came back into the room to tell me it was already outside. I thought he was messing with me so I rolled my eyes and fell back asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, he told me about turning off lights and finding them turned back on. I always believe there is a logical explanation for everything, but I just haven't found anything that makes more sense than the house ghost finally accepted me to the family enough to haunt me too.

(h/t Buzzfeed)

3. What Tricycle?

I was driving home from work one night when I see a little girl on a tricycle riding across the street and into some woods that drop off into a creek. I brake and skid to avoid her and walk to where I thought she fell.

I see no one and a cop pulls up to ask me what I am doing. I tell him he was the person I needed (I was still in my security uniform) and tell him that I saw a little girl riding her tricycle across the street heading into that area where it dropped off.

He then tells me right away that I see what some other drivers here see. It was more than 40 years ago a child was killed riding her tricycle across that section of road. Others have seen her multiple times. Sometimes walking other times on her tricycle.

After some construction brought change to that section of road with expansions and barriers the sightings all ceased.

(h/t The Line Up)

Mad City Haunt

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