8 Secrets About Cake Boss You Don't Have To Dirty Ice

Cake Boss is one of the most successful shows to come out of TLC. Buddy Valastro and his family are so well loved for their hilarious antics and gorgeous cakes.

But does the show really give us the whole story?

As with any 'reality' TV show, there are bound to be some trade secrets they don't want us to know.

So what are those secrets? Read through to find out!

1. "Reality." Really?

Though the show boasts itself as reality TV, Cake Boss has led a lot of people to disappointment.

“I have been to Carlo’s Bakery (the bakery from Cake Boss). While there we learned that the “wedding” they were filming in Italy was completely faked,” one visitor said. “They never actually got married. Kind of ruined the experience for me”

Another added, “I live 5 blocks away. Buddy is never there unless he’s filming a commercial.”

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2. The Name Game

Cake Boss seems like a pretty good name for a show...and someone else thought it was a good name for bakery management program! A Seattle-based company created a software called CakeBoss in 2007, and when the show took off in 2010, the company claimed copyright infringement. A lawsuit was filed, a settlement was made, but the details haven't been made public.

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3. Wording Controversy

Cake Boss faced some backlash after airing an episode with transgender celebrity Carmen Carrera. Carrera participated in a prank where she went on a date with Buddy's cousin, who did not know she was transgender. But when the episode aired Carrera claims she was the one who was misled.

“I made it VERY clear to the producers on how to use the correct wording before agreeing to filming this but instead they chose to poke fun and be disrespectful. That’s not what I’m about! … I may not have been born a woman, but I’m NOT a man… After taking this journey it’s not fair at all to be lied to by the producers.”


4. Cake...or lobster?

Since the show features cakes, many people would assume that's their best selling item. In fact, it's lobster tail pastry and their pignoli nut cookie. More than 6,000 lobster tail pastries are required every WEEK!

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5. Family Feuds

Though the fights may have seemed staged for TV, Buddy and his family actually dealt with real life feuding. Buddy ended up firing his sister Mary Sciarrone after one of their arguments. She was later re-hired to the show. Cousin Anthony left the show after season 6 and didn't even tell Buddy in person. Instead, he left a cryptic voicemail. Buddy took it very personally.

“On a personal level I’ll admit, that hurts a little bit. I treated him like a son and he just basically says, ‘I’m leaving.’ No explanation, we didn’t talk about it. He’s just up and left."

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6. It's just an illusion.

Ever think to yourself, "wow I can't believe just a few people can do that entire cake?" That's because you're right. Though the show often spotlights the 'main characters' making the elaborate decorations, it can take up to 35 people to help get them ready. Five of those people are JUST for baking the cakes alone. They say it takes a village...but it sounds like it takes a whole state sometimes!


7. Buddy thinks making cakes is 'boring!'

“Making a cake is sometimes a one-day or two-day process, and when you put that on television, it’s like watching paint dry. It’s boring – it really is! So you have to know the moments and know that ‘Okay, now I’m gonna stack and assemble the cakes!’ and make sure the cameras are rolling. It’s more about choreography essentially,” he said. Doesn't look boring to me!


8. Don't do the crime...

The Valastro family is not without its faults. In 2012, Valastro's former brother-in-law Remy, who appeared on the show, was sentenced to 9 years in prison for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl with intellectual disabilities. In 2014, Buddy was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, for which he had his license suspended.

“I was out for a business dinner, I had one glass too many. When I got into the car I thought I was fine to drive, and obviously I wasn’t, and the cops did their job," he said, “If I did say anything like [using his fame to get out of the arrest] that I totally apologize to him and the police department. I’m not like that. I put people in danger. I am very disappointed in myself.”

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Did you know any of these things about the famous cake family?

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