8 Secrets About Cake Boss You Don't Have To Dirty Ice

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Cake Boss is one of the most successful shows to come out of TLC. Buddy Valastro and his family are so well loved for their hilarious antics and gorgeous cakes.

But does the show really give us the whole story?

As with any 'reality' TV show, there are bound to be some trade secrets they don't want us to know.

So what are those secrets? Read through to find out!

1. "Reality." Really?

Though the show boasts itself as reality TV, Cake Boss has led a lot of people to disappointment.

“I have been to Carlo’s Bakery (the bakery from Cake Boss). While there we learned that the “wedding” they were filming in Italy was completely faked,” one visitor said. “They never actually got married. Kind of ruined the experience for me”

Another added, “I live 5 blocks away. Buddy is never there unless he’s filming a commercial.”

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2. The Name Game

Cake Boss seems like a pretty good name for a show...and someone else thought it was a good name for bakery management program! A Seattle-based company created a software called CakeBoss in 2007, and when the show took off in 2010, the company claimed copyright infringement. A lawsuit was filed, a settlement was made, but the details haven't been made public.

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