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8 Successful People Share Their Daily Morning Routines

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Have you ever sat at the table with a cup of coffee in hand, wondering how the rich and famous get through their mornings? Now is the time to discover their secrets!  

We know people like Bill Gates, Oprah, and Lady Gaga are human beings, and they probably grumble when their alarm goes off like everyone else. But what sets them apart? How did they become successful? Perhaps their morning routines have something to do with it - every last one of these celebrities and business people have a routine that's set up for success.

What They Have in Common

Do you hit snooze 10 times on your alarm? You may want to stop. Many famous people set up their day for success by rising early in the morning and doing a workout. Others opt for meditation or yoga to warm up their bodies and refocus their minds.

Experts say you're at your best in the morning in terms of productivity, and doing a most difficult task first thing can make the rest of the day much better in comparison. As Mark Twain said: "Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day."

Another common morning routine is spending time with loved ones. Before going to work, some of the world's most famous CEOs enjoy having breakfast with their families or enjoying a few moments with their spouse over coffee. Since the morning sets the tone for the day, it's best to make it as great as possible!

Mark Zuckerberg

As the founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg is worth over $33.3 billion. Does he have an epic morning routine? Not quite, but it's a little different than most celebrities. After getting up at a relatively late time of 8am, Zuckerberg picks a simple grey t-shirt. In fact, he has multiples of the same shirt and wears it every day because it saves him having to make a decision about what to wear any given day.  

Oprah Winfrey

Famous talk-show host Oprah has one of the busiest and most productive mornings we've ever heard of. Reportedly, she wakes up around 5:30am and spends an hour at the gym. After getting her makeup done, she completes shooting around two shows and has a healthy green smoothie made with "spinach, parsley, a little bit of apple juice, celery, and cucumbers in a blender."

Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is the richest man in the world with $75 billion to his name. What does he do before going to his extremely important job every day? Exercise.

After waking up, Gates claims he spends an hour on the treadmill before going to the office.

Jennifer Aniston

Everyone knows actress Jennifer Aniston from her role in Friends. We knew celebrities spent a lot of time at the gym, but Jen's morning fitness routine is next level. After rising at the early hour of 4:30am, the actress immediately drinks a detox beverage of hot water with lemon.

Afterwards, she spends 20 minutes meditating, followed by a session with her personal trainer that lasts over an hour. The gym is the next stop!

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