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8 Perfect Gifts For The Wine Lovers In Your Family

It is now the time of year that you start thinking about what you should buy your friends for Christmas. I guess it all depends on which of your friends you are looking to buy for, so let's only focus on one of them for this piece.

What do you buy your friend who is always down to crush a bottle of wine with you on any given night of the week? You guessed it, this list is going to focus on some "boozy" Christmas gift ideas.

1. Dom Pérignon

Let's start with the cream of the crop and a bottle of Dom Pérignon. Sure, it is wildly pricey for most people's budgets, but it is a gift that they won't soon forget. Make sure that you are there to help them enjoy it, the gift that keeps on giving. You can buy it here.


2. Blender with Margarita mix

Remember that scene from Practical Magic where the sisters and their aunts all party hardy with a jug of blended margaritas? Who doesn't want to share in the experience? What use is the blender without the mix though. But you blender here.

Types of Tequila

3. A nice wine thermos

For your friends who find themselves regularly on the go, this is the perfect gift. Not only will it keep their wine cold, but it comes with a cup as the lid. They will never be without a good glass of wine no matter where they find themselves.


4. Wine dispensing bra

For that avid fitness buff in your friend circle. Most people would think that these were only good for storing water for your long walks, runs or bike rides, but in reality, it's a great way to transport wine with you to wherever you are headed for the evening. It will save money from your bar tab during a night out LOL. Buy it here.

The Green Head

It gets even better from here on out.

5. Hangover tea

What follows a great night out (or in) with good friends? Usually a pretty nasty hangover. Why not give them a gift meant as a preventative measure so that you know they have a fighting chance against that pounding headache and upset stomach? Buy it here.

Dear Ali Grace

6. A sleeping mask

Knowing that the hangover tea you got them might not be enough to combat some of those really bad mornings, why not add the perfect sleeping mask to keep out all of that pesky morning light? Buy a mask here.

The Sleepy Cottage

7. Relive those college years with a little fun

Most of us have been to college, and we remember that it really didn't matter what you were drinking as long as it was "fun." In fact I am pretty sure we have all drank something that we would be ashamed of now that we are adults. Why not enjoy a little nostalgia with flavored vodkas?


8. An adult advent calendar

While you're out buying the kids their advent calendars, why not pick up one for the adult in your life who really needs it? The sky is the limit, or the floor in some cases LOL. Buy them their calendar and journal here.


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