8 Uses For Mascara Wands Once They Pass Their Prime

Did you know you're supposed to replace your mascara every three months? Me neither.

I mean, I have a bad habit of losing my mascara so I tend to buy new stuff often anyway. But that also means I've got a lot of random tubes lying around the house.

If you have old or empty mascara tubes around the house, don't throw them out! Wash off the mascara wand (brush) and re-use it for these neat ideas!

You spent good money on that makeup, you may as well use it as long as possible!

1. Use it to brush your eyebrows

2. Separate your eyelashes

Okay, so you've gone overboard on the mascara and now your lashes are all clumpy. Use an old brush to separate each lash and get rid of the block look.

3. Clean jewlery or beaded clothes and bags

Beads and jewelry love collecting dust. But often, you can reach the little nooks and crannies to actually clean them. Using a mascara wand gives you a gentle, effective way to clean these things!

4. Dye your roots

The brushes they give you to dye your roots aren't very flexible. With a mascara wand, you can really get in there and touch up whatever needs touching up!

5. Get rid of flyaway hair

Spray some hairspray on the brush and run it over any stray hairs that may be trying to escape.

6. Clean your taps

Just like with the jewelry, mascara wands can scrub away grime in those hard to reach places, including the actual faucet where water comes out!

7. Unclog Sinks

Mascara wands are great for getting out gunk that suits on your pipes. Just a quick swish around the drain and you're good to go.

8. Remove Cuticles

Apply cuticle cream (or olive oil) and let it sit for a few minutes. Use an old mascara wand to gently scrub off your cuticles for clean-looking nails.

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