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8-Year-Old's Response To Finding A Wallet Stuffed With Cash Will Renew Your Faith In Humanity

You never know how a child is going to react when you aren't watching them, but you hope that they will do the right thing. Luckily, Frankie Burns' parents now know that their 8-year-old son has a very good heart.

Burns was getting ready for his Gaelic football tournament when he came across a wallet outside hidden in the grass. The young boy opened it up and discovered $1,700 in cash inside and without hesitating brought the wallet to his father.

The wallet was filled with hundred dollar bills, but when asked if the thought to keep the money crossed his mind, he said, "no, because I didn't earn the money, the other guy did from working."

Burns and his family decided to track down the owner, and it's a good thing they did, because he was in desperate need of some good news...

Burns didn't know when he came across the wallet just what the man had been through. Frankie's father said that after his son brought him the wallet, they were able to track down its owner thanks to a card that was in it. They found out that the owner had been the victim of a violent crime.

The family discovered that the man who owned the wallet had just been released after spending four days in the hospital. He had been hit by a baseball bat on the back of his head, which needed stitches from the base of his neck all the way to the top of his head.

The victim was able to get away before the attackers could get the wallet, but he dropped it because of his injuries. He was lucky that Burns was the person who found it, because he said his only thought was to "give it back to the owner".

When the family went to meet the victim face-to-face, Burns was given a $100 reward as a thank you. The money in the wallet was to pay the man's rent and he was extremely relieved to have it back. Burns is happy to have helped, and plans to buy some new cleats.

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