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8-Year-Old Helps Deliver Baby Sister After Devastating Miscarriage

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The moment she learned she was going to be a big sister, three-year-old Brooke Davis couldn't contain her excitement. That joy quickly turned to sadness when the toddler learned the crushing news that her mom, Kelsey, had suffered a miscarriage.

“It was heartbreaking. It really hit me hard … and Brooke especially,” the 29-year-old mom said. “She was so young and we had been telling her she was going to be a big sister. So she took it really hard. She was completely heartbroken.”

After breaking their daughter's heart once, Kelsey and her husband Stefan did not share the news of their next two pregnancies over the next four years, both of which also ended in miscarriage.

That was, until 2016 when the family welcomed another girl, Ellie, into their family.


Brooke was so excited about finally being a big sister that she asked her parents to be in the delivery room when the baby arrived.

A year later, Kelsey and Stefan had some news for Brooke that would change their family forever.

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