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Call Your Dentist, Because Your Fillings Might Be Killing You

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It was once an extremely popular practice among dentists to use this dangerous material for dental amalgams.

As more rumors spread about about the dangers of this medical practice, people need to be aware of how their fillings are or aren't actually harming them.

If you are among the many baby boomers who received dental amalgams, then you need to read about what they're really doing to your body over time...

Many baby boomers had their cavities fixed with a special filling made of powdered silver, tin and copper, which were then combined with metallic mercury. The filling is known as a dental amalgam.

Several studies suggest that mercury vapor continuously escapes from dental amalgams and are absorbed into our bodies through chewing. These trace amounts of mercury are absorbed into our organs and can cross the placenta.

While some warnings quote Dr. Russell Blaylock's belief that the mercury from fillings contribute to Alzheimer's, it is important to note that there is no scientific proof that they actually do.

While (for the most part) the risk of illness is linked to the amount of exposure, the amount of mercury released from amalgam fillings is about 4 to 40 micrograms of vapor per day.

Currently there are no studies that can scientifically prove that amalgam has seriously harmful effects on a patient, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration does not recommend using it on pregnant women or children under the age of six.

But some people are more sensitive to. If your dentist doesn't take the proper precautions during an amalgam filling removal,  it can result in mercury poisoning.

If you are concerned, go over the procedure with your dentist before the appointment and read through the steps for safe removal here.

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