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An 84-Year-Old Got Married Just To Give His Older Brother The Experience Of A Lifetime

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Bucks County Courier Times)

An 86-year-old man has been given a second chance to become his brother's best man.

With a lifetime of adventures and memories, the only thing missing from Gordon Wood's life was attending his little brother's wedding. The Korean War kept Gordon from attending Wayne Wood's first nuptials, and a hurricane nearly curtailed his second.

“My first time I got married he did not get an invitation to my wedding. I didn’t even think anything about it because he was on a submarine out in the middle of the ocean,” Wayne told the Bucks County Courier Times.

Saddened over missing the biggest day of Wayne's life, Gordon was adamant he would be there for his brother if he were to ever wed again.

Gordon Wood
Bill Fraser

Gordon kept on asking Wayne, 84, when he would pop the question to his girlfriend of two and a half years, Joyce Mary Garren, 75. The only response he ever received from his tight-lipped brother was "soon."

With Wayne and his new bride residing in Lake Placid, Florida, the couple devised a plan to wed in Pennsylvania while visiting Gordon and his wife, Joan. With the assistance of the local court clerks, they arranged to hold their ceremony in September.  

However, when disaster struck with the arrival Hurricane Irma, Wayne and Garren were forced to stay at home, and deal with the impact of the wreckage.

“We were all worried about them,” judicial clerk Mary Ann Rink said, who was involved in the pair's sneaky plan.

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