86-Year-Old Grandma Shows Off Her Cheer Leading Skills

Age is just a number, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise! Donna Smolinski knows that better than anyone.

She's almost 87-years-old, but she can still put on a great show with her baton-twirling skills. Her grandson Aaron Walston shared this demonstration of her talents onYouTube, and people all over the world are marveling at her skills.

It turns out, Smolinski was a majorette at Michigan's Alpena High School decades ago, and she's either been practicing throughout the years or has an incredible memory, because she's still got it!

Even in a bathrobe and slippers, this senior citizen can really put on a show. Sure, she looks ready to take a nap by the end of the video, but could you pull off these moves without getting tired?

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