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9 Foods That Fight Fatigue

If you watch your diet and exercise regularly there's still one part of your life that will suffer: your energy levels.

The fact is we can only work so hard for so long before our bodies need a break. You can rearrange your sleep schedule, but eventually you'll find yourself feeling tired at work.

If you're not interested in the crash that caffeine gives, you'll be happy to know there's a healthier way to stay alert. Lots of great tasting, natural foods can give you just the boost of energy you need to get through the day. Read this list of 9 fatigue fighting foods and start adding them to your diet!

1. Sweet Potatoes

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Be glad that this vegetable has so many great health benefits, because it's one of the tastiest things you can add to your diet. They're full of potassium, so you stay hydrated and alert longer, plus they lower your blood pressure.

2. Milk

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There are lots of healthy alternatives to milk, but when it comes to giving you a little pep during the day, nothing else compares. Milk revitalizes your muscles and refuels your electrolytes, so a glass or a bowl of healthy cereal is a great snack.

3. Chia Seeds

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You've probably been told to add these tiny seeds to your diet for some regular fiber, but they also have a nice balance of healthy fats and protein. Plus, they absorb ten times their weight in water to help keep you hydrated.

4. Green Tea

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We know what you're thinking: won't tea give me a caffeine crash in the afternoon like coffee? Actually, this drink has a much smaller caffeine kick than coffee and amino acids that improve your focus.

5. Nuts (especially almonds)

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If you're searching for a healthy snack to keep you feeling well rested, nuts are a safe choice. They have enough healthy fats to give you a guilt-free energy boost, so snack on them between meals to keep your energy up.

6. Beans

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Beans get a bad reputation for being unhealthy because we often think of baked beans first. But there are lots of ways to serve these tasty legumes. They're full of fiber, which helps balance your blood sugar levels.

7. Oatmeal

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Oatmeal A) is low in calories, B) contains enough protein to lift your energy levels and C) is delicious. It's also incredibly versatile, so why aren't you enjoying some every day?

8. Water (seriously!)


We know you've been told this over and over again but it's so important we need to repeat it one more time. It's easy to be dehydrated without realizing it, and that can make you feel sluggish and tired.

9. Eggs


This tasty breakfast staple is loaded with protein, helping you feel wakeful longer. Start your day with a few of these and you won't be yawning before lunch.

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