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9 Foods You Should Be Eating If You Want To Keep All Your Teeth

Oh food. We are forever locked in a love/hate relationship with this necessary part of our lives. Some we hate to eat, but love what it does for us, other foods we just can not get enough of, but do terrible things to our bodies.

Sugar is a sore spot for many people, and usually centered on their teeth. Now, what if you could read a menu and know what items would not only be good for your pearly whites, but would actually prevent damage?

Well you can lay off the hard brushing, because after reading this list, you'll be eating only the best for your oral health!

Move over chicken, eggs are first on our list!

Looking for the cure? Have a slice of salami to clear it up!

Strawberry fields forever, please!

Pair up those berries with some delicious low-fat yogurt!

Keep away from the candy and pick yourself up some of nature's sweets! Sweet potatoes are the best!

They may be best known for their musical qualities, but they also are great for keeping your grin dazzling!

You would think that things that go crunch would be bad for your teeth, but they work great for cleaning them and giving your body much-needed protein!

Definitely okay with avocados being on this list!

Butter. Yep, you heard me. The calcium content is proven to protect teeth, and it even helps small cuts on your mouth heal faster!

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