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9 Genius Ways to Use Pool Noodles Outside of the Pool

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You know it's summer when you see foam noodles in every color of the rainbow in stores.

Whether you grab one for your pool or a few for the cottage, these handy floating devices really make summer fun.

But did you ever consider using them outside of the water? Whether you want to include it as part of a craft or a hack to make your life easier, they provide an inexpensive solution to every day problems!

How many of these will you try?

Make Trampolines Safer

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Pool noodles act as a perfect cushion to hide potentially painful springs. These inexpensive rolls of foams add a colorful update to an outdoor toy favorite.

As a Card Holder

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It's easy to keep cards organized when you have a pool noodle as a holder. This is a great way to teach young children to play cards when they're unable to hold a stack on their own.

Identify Your Drinks

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Since there is a convenient hole in the center, it fits perfectly around your wine glass stem to make a great marker. You won't have to worry about who's drink is who's when you're out by the pool.

Create a Light Holder

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Dress up your LED lights with a pop of color. Cut a pool noodle and place they little battery operated lights to create a great ambiance both outdoors and in.

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