9 True Stories Behind Some Of The Logos You See Every Day

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Logos are extremely important to any business. They're what sticks in a person's mind for potentially years, hopefully encouraging them to use your company in the future.

But even though a logo may seem simple, there's often a really interesting story behind it!

1. Domino's Pizza

When Domino's first opened, it was actually called DomiNicks, owned by Tom and James Monaghan. Tom eventually bought out his brother's half, and renamed it to Domino's. The idea behind the logo was to add a new dot every time a franchise opened, but after a year there were so many locations it would have been impossible.

2. Chupa Chups

Is there a more iconic lollipop than the Chupa Chup? Around since the late 1950s, they're a staple in every kid's Halloween trick-or-treat bag. However, you may be surprised to learn that the logo was actually designed by Salvador Dali. Yes, that Salvador Dali. The artist was good friends with Chupa Chups founder Enric Bernat, and in less than an hour he had designed the logo over lunch. His masterpiece was designed to appear on top of the candy, as opposed to on the side, so it would always be visible.

3. Starbucks

When it first came out, the Starbucks logo was based off of a siren from the 16th century with its full breasts showing. Obviously, during the next re-design, changes were made to the logo to make it more...family friendly. However, in 2008, the coffee chain released a 'vintage' line of coffee cups and people got REALLY mad about the old logo, even though the full breasts were not visible.

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