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9 Ways The Stephen King Universe Is Connected That Even Die-hard Fans Missed

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Stephen King is likely the most prolific novelist of modern times. He has written a ton of stories that touch in a number of genres, and all of them seem to act as stand alone novels. But did you know that many of the characters, locations and storylines connect with each other and you likely didn't even realize it?

Here's nine pieces of evidence that the world created by King are connected.

1. Derry and Castle Rock are towns that appear in multiple different novels.

Being from Maine, King loves to set his stories in smaller east-coast towns of his home state. The books The Dead Zone, Cujo, Needful Things and The Dark Half, just to name a few are all set in Castle Rock. And It, Bag of Bones, Insomnia, and parts of 11/22/63 are all set in the town of Derry.


2. The Dark Tower Series is connected to a ton of King's other books.

King has written eight books in The Dark Tower series that total over 4000 pages. The series is a mixture of science-fiction, mystery and horror. The characters and places that are referenced throughout the series can be connected to Salem's Lot, Dreamcatcher, Cujo, Hearts in Atlantis, Cell, and The Stand.

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3. The character of Father Callahan appears in multiple books.

Not only does the character of Father Donald Callahan appear in three of The Dark Tower books, but he is also the drunk in Salem's Lot that cannot seem to reconcile his true faith with all of the evil he sees in the world around him. The one thing his character always displays, a deep love of booze.

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4. Mother Abigail also has the "shine"

Remember Danny Torrance from King's masterpiece of horror, The Shining? He isn't the only one who has that particular ability. Mother Abigail from The Stand connects her own history right back to The Shining,  "My own grandmother used to call it the shining lamp of God, sometimes just the shine." Remember the conversation that Danny has with Dick Hollorann? Sounds pretty familiar doesn't it?


5. Dick Hallorann is in both It and The Shining

Hallorann is the Overlook Hotel's chef in The Shining, and though he isn't directly placed in It, it's safe to assume he is referenced. Mike Hanlon is a member of the Loser's Club in It, and he says that his dad once served in the army with someone named Dick Hallorann...

6. Jack Torrance "wrote" Apt Pupil

This one is a little confusing but once we get to the point it will hit you like a ton of bricks. In The Shining, Jack Torrance is writing a book about his past teaching experiences at a prep-school. He references his interactions with a headmaster named Denker. The Nazi war criminal in the King novella Apt Pupil (also a teaching reference) is also named Denker, coincidence?

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7. Shawshank Prison

Shawshank Prison was introduced to us in Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. But it also referenced in Dolores Claiborne, It, Bag of Bones, 11/22/63 and even in the sixth installment of The Dark Tower series.

8. Stand By Me meets Carrie

When you are reading through the novel Carrie, you will notice that it mentions that someone named Teddy Duchamp owns the Amoco gas station in Chamberlain, Maine. Duchamp is also one of the boys in Stand By Me (the book is called The Body). The time frame seems to work out that Teddy is working in Chamberlain when Carrie goes off the rails.


9. King's wife and son have included aspects of his novels into their own works.

This is a family of prolific writers. Tabitha King and Joe Hill have included aspects of King's characters and story lines in their own work, including Dick Hallorann. Stephen has even decided to include some easter eggs that reference his son's books as well.

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What is your favorite Stephen King book?