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9 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Your Favorite Snack Foods

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How well do you know all the tasty treats you drop into your grocery cart every week? No, we don't expect you to name all the long, complicated ingredients that your favorite snack foods are made from, we're talking about the secret origins and histories behind those treats.

Some of these snacks have been on store shelves for over 100 years, and that means there's more to them than their colorful packaging.

You'll never look at your favorite chips, candy bars and cookies again after reading this list!

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

These delicious snacks used to be known as "Penny Cups," because they would only cost one cent per cup - yes, really! While we wish we could bring back those old prices, but to be fair it does seem like the cups have gotten bigger over the years. Oh, and by the way: it's not pronounced "ree-sees."

2. Kit Kat

How many Kit Kat flavors can you name? No, you shouldn't feel bad if you can't name any. In the states, the only special version of the Kit Kat that's fairly common is the peanut butter flavored bar, but in Japan there are hundreds of flavors of this snack. If you're brave enough you can even sample soy sauce, green tea or cheese flavored bars.

3. Breakfast Cereal

Believe it or not, cereal is made from fruit. Cereal is a type of grass that grows a grain - the same way a tree grows an apple - and it's technically a fruit. Still, we wouldn't exactly call Cinnamon Toast Crunch - America's most popular cereal - a fruit salad.

4. Oreo

Since they debuted in 1912, these have been the best-selling cookies in America, and more than 450 billion cookies have been sold worldwide. They haven't changed much throughout the years, with the same ratio of cookie to cream in every cookie - 71% to 29%. As for "Double-Stuf" Oreos, don't be fooled: they're really just 1.86 times bigger. Talk about false advertising!

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