9 Times Churches Proved They Have A Sense Of Humor

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9 Times Churches Proved They Have A Sense Of Humor


Well, church attendance has been falling over the last couple of decades. People are choosing to do things like watch football on Sundays instead of sitting in their local parish church. Churches of all denominations are having to try more creative ways to draw the attention of their communities, especially the younger generations. I am not a man of faith, but if I saw any of these signs while driving down the road, I would at least take notice. That being said, some of these signs made me spit my coffee out on the table from laughing so hard, and some of them just tell it like it is. Enjoy.

1. God may be forgiving, but this church doesn't seem to be so lenient.

Who steals from a place of worship?Daily Mail

2. I can get down with the bottom half of the sign.

Put down your phones while driving. Don't be stupid.Pinterest

3. What happens in Vegas.

Having never been to Vegas, I have no idea what truly goes on there. But whatever it is, I bet there have been more than a few people hoping this to be true.

Use your imagination.Ranker

4. If it's true, use it to your advantage.

Next time I can't sleep, who knows, I might just try it.

Honesty is a virtue. inkupp

5. Mic drop!

Think about it.Grabberwocky

6. Do they read these out loud before they put them up?

Tone deaf / Slow clap Oddee

7. They said they wanted more people praising God, but didn't get exactly what they asked for.

Again with the slow clapgdargaud.net

8. Teenage boys everywhere thank you for your blessing.

Again with the tone deaf LOLPinterest

9.  And finally, religion or baseball, we're glad it finally did.

Congrats Chicago CubsFunny Signs