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9 Uses of Vodka You Didn't Think Of

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Step aside Vodka Cran because there's a new favorite use for vodka, and it's not in your drink.

Spring cleaning has never been easier than when you have a bottle in your hand. While making yourself a stiff drink and looking at your messy house may seem like a logical path, it's not the only use of vodka that will help you clean up or forget the mess.

Try these really neat hacks to take care of some mess and THEN enjoy the leftovers when you can be satisfied at the state of your dwelling.

Spray Your Shoes

Did you know that vodka is a natural deodorizer? Mix vodka with water and add it to a spray bottle to help clean those smelly shoes that are taking up your entryway.

Cure Poison Ivy

With summer coming, that means you will be likely dealing with poison ivy. If you find yourself with this nasty rash, pour vodka directly onto the skin to clean away the poison oils. You will heal faster and be free of the pain of the rash.

Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

If you love having fresh flowers in your kitchen, this trick will help them stay fresh longer. Mix a few drops of vodka with a teaspoon of sugar and add it directly to the water in the vase. Changing the mixture daily will help you keep these steams beautiful.

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