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9 Weird Easter Traditions You Should Try This Year

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Easter may or may not be your favorite holiday, based on your childhood memories. Most families have their own unique traditions which may have been passed down over the years, or were simply made up in a moment of silliness.

For those of us living in North America, we're pretty familiar with the usual Easter traditions. We have the Easter bunny who brings Easter eggs and other treats to children and some communities have Easter egg hunts.

But the bunny and eggs aren't the only traditions out there. Here are 9 weird Easter traditions from around the world that will definitely make your holiday infinitely more interesting.

1. Go trick or treatin'

Country of Origin: Denmark and Finland

On Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter), children in Denmark and Finland dress up as witches and, holding small twigs decorated with colorful paper, go from door to door trick or treatin'. In exchange for the candy

they receive from neighbors, children are expected to give them their decorated twigs. The branches are expected to bless the house of the neighbor and is also seen as a payment for the sweets.

2. Read murder mystery novels

Country of Origin: Norway

In Norway, people either spend Easter reading murder mystery novels or watching murder mystery films with their families. The tradition started many years ago when a mystery novel writer published an advertisement for his book on the front page of a newspaper during Easter.

This tradition is so popular that many TV stations in Norway only show murder mysteries during the holiday. Milk companies also publish mini-mystery stories on their cartons in the week leading up to the day.

3. Burn your Christmas tree

Country of Origin: Germany

In communities across Germany, people stack up their Christmas trees in a large pile and set fire to them during Easter. Burning the trees is thought to signify, and celebrate, the end of the cold Christmas season and the emergence of the warmer spring.

It is considered especially lucky if your burning pile gets struck by lightning. Chances are, you won't be allowed to set fire to your Christmas tree in the middle of the street. Perhaps you can throw a branch in your fireplace instead.

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