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9 Words You Pronounce Differently Depending On Which State You're From

We may be one country, but it's no secret that we have a lot of differences. Scenery, weather and what we do for work are all so dependent on where we grew up. But what changes the most? The words we use. Since most Americans live in states where they were born, we tend to have very different accents from state to state. Chances are you're not even aware of how different the words you use are.

Until now.

There's been a scientific study of dialects and we've handily mapped them out for you below.

How do you match up!

You Guys/Y'all

Y'all know someone that says this, but not everyone says it the same way.


When you need to throw something out, where do you put it?


Thristy? What do you reach for in the fridge?

Semi Truck/Tractor Trailer

What thunders by you on a highway?

There's more on the next page!


There's only 1 way to spell it, but apparently 2 ways to say it. How many syllables do you use when saying Caramel?

Fireflies/Lightning Bugs

They light up the night, and also some controversy.

Drinking Fountain/Water Fountain

You're out and about, what are you bending over to take a sip from?

Tennis Shoes/Sneakers

What are you lacing up on your feet? Tennis shoes or sneakers?

Garage Sale/ Yard Sale

Where's the best place to find a deal: a garage sale or yard sale?

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