A 6-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Final Wish Will Have Leave You Feeling So Many Emotions

Alexis was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia shortly after she turned 3.

Following years of extended hospital stays and exhausting chemotherapy sessions, Alexis is fortunately at the end of her treatment. Her story may sound similar but there is one thing that sets her apart from everyone else.

When Alexis was contacted by Make-A-Wish foundation Washington she made an unusual wish of creating an animated film. Her reason simply being that she wants to raise awareness about leukemia as well as to inspire and encourage other pediatric cancer patients to be fearless and brave.

The foundation teamed her up with World Famous to maker her wish a reality.

The cartoon, "Princess Alexis' Wish Comes True" tells the story of Princess Alexis' escape from the dark tower she was imprisoned in by Kemia, the dragon, and the epic battle that ensued.

To win the fight Princess Alexis has to use a magic wand despite the fact that it will cause her to lose all her hair and strength. Princess Alexis is initially scared of what might happen but she is reassured by the fairy godmother that as long as she is "strong, brave and surrounded by love," she will be victorious in her fight.

I think everyone, whether they are fighting cancer or not, can learn a thing or two from Alexis's story. Watch the video below and get ready for all the feels!

Alexis' Wish from World Famous on Vimeo.

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