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A Beautiful Winter Decoration for Your Home

If you're anything like me once Christmas is over and the decorations come down, I feel like my house is always so bare. That's why I've decided to make Winter Shadow Box decorations! These easy to do crafts take no time at all, and leave your house with beautiful winter decorations making it feel a little less bare.


  • shadow box
  • card paper
  • faux snow
  • vinyl
  • stickers
  • scissors


1. Begin by removing the backing of your shadow box, and placing it over your card paper to trace out the proper size background you will need. Cut it out.

2. Pour faux snow into the shadow box, and then secure the backing with your new card paper background.

3. Flip over your shadow box and it's time to decorate the front!

4. Place stickers around the border, however you'd lilke.

5. Place a vinyl label on top of the glass - whatever you would like it to say.

6. Use your imagination and make different shadow boxes to display in your home.