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A Farmer Claims His Lamb Was Used In A "Black Magic Ritual"

After a wild, illegal party spread onto his property, Martin Carr from South Downs, England is looking for answers about what happened to one of his newborn lambs.

Police from the quiet community say more than 600 people arrived to dance the night away, but the party ended early when police broke up the rave. Eleven people were arrested for charges including assault and driving under the influence.

But they haven't arrested any suspect for the night's most shocking crime: the decapitation of a newborn sheep on Carr's property.

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While authorities say there's no evidence that the partiers killed the sheep, Carr says it's clear the animal was "slaughtered in  black magic ritual."

Since then, he says the animal's mother has been "wandering around crying for her lamb," while he's left searching for answers.

"It’s not about the money, although that is a factor," he told The Sun, "it is about knowing what’s right and wrong."

Solent News

The farmer also says he found empty bottles, used gas canisters and even human poo in the field, which has been left for him to clean up.

“I won’t be able to use the field for grazing or hay," he said, "because it’s been contaminated with their chemicals and human waste."

Hopefully police will track down the person responsible for this awful crime soon!

[H/T: The Sun]

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