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A Simple Science Experiment Almost Kills TV Host During Live Broadcast

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Strickling told Belling to turn the bottle upside down and to point it away from the cameras. At this point Belling is still sketchy about being a part of the experiment in this way. Strickling continues to goad her by saying "you just watched me do it twice." Belling admitted right there on live TV that she hadn't really been watching what he was doing throughout the process, but that didn't stop Strickling from still bringing her in.

While Belling is still asking questions about what to do, and Strickling is still not giving sufficient answers, the chemical reaction takes full hold and the bottle rockets up into the air at an unintended angle, nearly striking Belling squarely in the head.


If you watch the video below, you will see exactly how close Belling was to having her head impacted by the rocket bottle, and if you pay attention you will see a branch fall to the ground after it was snapped off by the flight of the bottle. Just think for a moment what would happen if it had struck her square in the face.

Who is at fault here? Let us know in the comments.

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